Delicate snacks 布丁佐香草冰淇淋

Cake is a kind of ancient west, usually made of oven, cake is made from the eggs, sugar, wheat flour as the main raw material. With milk, juice, milk powder, powder, salad oil, water, shortening, baking powder as auxiliary materials. After stirring, modulation, baked into a kind of like a sponge.

The cake is a kind of pasta, usually sweet, created a typical cake is baked. Cake materials mainly include the flour, sweetener (usually sucrose) and binder (usually eggs, vegetarian gluten and starch can substitute for), shortening (usually butter or artificial butter, low fat content of the cake in concentrated fruit juice instead of), liquid (milk, water or juice), essence and starter cultures (such as yeast or baking powder).

The earliest cakes is with a few simple material.

These cakes are a symbol of ancient religious myth and miraculously superstition. Early to make foreign trade route

In the dark ages of Europe, these exotic materials only then can own monks and nobles, and their pastry creation is honey gingerbread and flat abernethy, things like that. Slowly, as the trade is frequent, western countries also follow a thorough change of eating habits.

Soldiers and Arab traders, on their way home from the Crusades to spread the use of spices, and the Middle East's diet. In central Europe several major commercial, baking teacher association also organized. And in the end of the 19th century, spices has been widely used across Europe rich, more promote imaginative pastry baking technology. Wait for nuts and sugar on popular, marzipan mud also follow the popularization, the marzipan mud is made of wood carving letterpress baked mold, and mold design is linked to the religious discipline more.

Cake first originated in the west, and then slowly spread to China.